The Republican Debate

I’m going to make this short, becuase well, there isn’t much worth commenting on that won’t be said again by these same candidates. And because nothing was actually said by any of these candidates about HOW they would fix anything aside from tax cuts. Which simply isn’t a serious economic plan. Instead, I’ll leave you with some fun facts brought to you mostly by

Michelle Bachmann has only 1 “True” listing on the site. However she has 4 “barely true” 9 “False” and 7 “Pants on Fire”.

Yes, Herman Cain did in fact say that he would not appoint Muslims.

Yes, Rick Santorum is a douchebag.

Who the hell cares about Newt Gingrich?

Tim Pawlenty totally bitched out.

And let me finish with a few predictions. Romney will be the candidate. Palin will not run. Obama will win.

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