What I want from my legislators.


Too simple?

Perhaps, I can elaborate in the negative. I do not want or need moral teachers or even exemplars. I don’t need that from an elected official because it does not affect what I voted them into office to do. Legislate as my rep, under my vote, and with my wishes in mind. If I approve of your performance, I’ll vote for you again. Tada! Democracy!

Besides, I have tons of philosophers, many rabbis, some pastors, and a very very few imams who’s actual life is setting a good example for morality.

So, you could be the most racist individual on the planet, but if your legislation continues the fight of racial equality in our nation, then I don’t give a damn about your personal beliefs. Are you a misogynist who always votes to continue the freedom of women socially and economically? I have a senate seat I’d like you to have. Religion hating anti-theist who vehemently defends the freedom of religion? Get thee to a court-ery.

I don’t think I can put it in any more stark and extreme terms. Your personal, legal, private activities and thoughts are of exactly zero consequence to me if you are passing the legislation your constituents wish you to pass. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Which in this case consist of nothing other than legislation.

However, there are some dissenters. Many would wish that their public servants hold themselves to a higher morality and never falter while being politically effective cutthroat personalities. My suggestion would be to stop electing humans. Though, I have no idea who to replace them with.

Others state that scandal will make said legislators less effective as public representatives and thus they should resign. However, the facts prove this charge totally false. Is David Vitter also less effective and therefore subject to this rule? Is Bill Clinton? And most importantly, isn’t that something that can only be determined by the representatives constituents being willing to re-elect them and then categorizing their effectiveness? Isn’t it just a slight bit, I dunno, egotistical and inappropriate (charges leveled at the current persona non grata) to state that such actions will make one less likely to pass legislation when the only test for the claim remains in the future and the whole history of those who have not resigned after a scandal proves the exact opposite?

Also, let me state that if I were given the choice between an effective legislator who’s a bastard and one who’s the perfect resemblance of modern morality, I’d pick the latter, sure. However, I’m forced to choose between humans and the yard stick of qualification is not measured by morality, it’s measured by legislation.

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