On my rights as a blogger.

I should get this out of the way. I intend with this blog to speak on topics that are contentious in todays society. So, I suppose I’d better remind all current and any future readers just what I’m allowed to say.

To put it plainly: ANYTHING.

I have the first amendment behind me, allowing me the full right to say what is unpopular, uncouth and even vulgar or needlessly shocking if I will it. For a refresher course I’d like to ask anyone reading if they know what their first five rights are as enumerated in First Amendment? (And no I don’t need to google this myself, but I’m a pedant on this one.) So: speech, religion, press; otherwise known as “the ones we know”. Then? Free Assembly! That’s the one you were looking for! Lastly, and oddly we may think these days: redress of grievances.

However, it’s only speech I’m concerned with at the moment. And I’m concerned with it to the extent that it allows me to say all sorts of things that powerful and/or offended groups don’t like me saying. For example!

Israel is illegally holding land from Palestinians. (Shock! Awe! How could he say that!)

Or using words that people don’t like. Such as cunt, bitch, ass, shit, fuck shooby-dee-doo-whop. Am I likely to use these words in articles I write? Meh. But I am allowed to write them. And I will, if I feel it needed. To those who would charge that this is juvenile, I leave you with Stephen Fry.

I’m also allowed to post pictures that “offend” people. For example:

Lastly I leave you with a series of videos, by the Hitch himself, on the importance of Free Speech.

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