So! I’ve recently celebrated my birthday and as I was offline for the time I just want to share the highlights. It was a very small group granted; just Rach and I. However, it was one of the best days and easily one of the best birthdays I’ve ever experienced. I recount it here (in varying tenses) because I wish to remember it. But, in case you care, it’s here to read.

9am: Wake up, make a pot of Formosa tea, grab a scone and some shortbread that Rach made the night before. Drink it in the tea cups Jackson and Ryan gave to Rach and I. Sit back and read the news. Call Mom, call Dad. Enjoy the solitude.

11am: Shower, get dressed and head out to Tattered Cover on John Arp’s scooter. Get surprised by my wonderful wife while I’m there. I expected her at 5:30. So we get to peruse the shop together. Buy my weight in books. The entire Song of Ice and Fire series, a fun book on the practical views of philosophers (Rach then added a Memoir filled with some of favorite people to that stack; she had already bought it).

1pm: Head out to a Wine and cigar shop of the 16th St. mall. Pick up a new pipe. Rach sees it and remarks “That is the pipe of a 30 year old.”

2pm: Head home. Stop off on the way at Corks, our friendly neighborhood wine shop and pick up a 2006 Chateau Margaux. Resist opening it while on the scooter. Get home, change and head out to Flatirons Crossing and go on a shopping spree where Rachel turns me into her very own Ken doll. Also, pick up 2 watches, one of which we get engraved and I hope to make an heirloom someday.

6:30: Get home, rapidly change and grab a taxi to The Cruise Room to enjoy a pre-dinner martini.

7:30: Walk over to Morton’s and proceed to have one of the best damn dinners this year. We each order a Filet Mignon, mine a double cut in a pepper sauce, and we wash it down with a fine Meritage blend. End the dinner with Laphroaig 18yr. Try not to wet myself over how amazing it is.

10pm: Just before leaving for an after dinner drink, Rachel presents me a First Edition copy of a Bertrand Russell book I’ve never even heard of. It’s called “The Citizen’s Alphabet”, a book similar to Ambrose Bierce’s “Devils Dictionary”. I’ve read nearly all of Russell’s works and know the ones I haven’t and this book I never even knew existed. It’s out of print and quite small. And I cried when she gave it to me. It is perhaps the most perfect gift I’ve ever received.

11pm: Finish the night with a last scotch (15 yr Bowmore) at the Green Russell in Larmier Square and hitch a taxi home. Kiss the wife, drink some Margaux, and dream about that Laphroaig.

It was, as I said, the best ever and largely due to my wife, whom I’m wholly undeserving of. Currently, I’m breaking in that new pipe and enjoying the Birthday J.W. Blue that I have for special occasions. I figure turning 30 is just one of those occasions.

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