The past few weeks

I haven’t written anything the last few weeks even though many noteworthy things have happened, because mainly, Facebook isn’t the medium to write them all in. An overload of thoughts seems, well, not to be trite, but, an overload. Also, it doesn’t allow for thoughts larger than a paragraph, and often such comments read like books. So, seeing as I have a blog, I’d like to pour it all out here, if nothing else, for posterity sake.

So, I won an award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comic Role! WooHoo! I’m thrilled to be recognized for anything I do and happy to accept any award any reviewer is foolish enough to award me with. However, this award means I owe Steven Cole Hughes a beer. (Worse things have happened in the course of human history than being forced to hang out with one of your friends, and buy.) I’m glad, I suppose, to have gotten any recognition before our venerated reviewer leaves us all. But, my own award isn’t all I got! I also had the great privilege of being in two award winning shows. Don’t Dress for Dinner, at the fast rising Miners Alley Playhouse, won for Best Comedy, and while I may be a bit biased, it was a no-brainer. That was one of the most well oiled casts I’ve ever had the joy of working with in Denver. Farce is not the fluffy thing that many “serious” actors disparage it as. Cry on stage all you like, I’m not impressed. Until you manage meter, tempo and audience reaction like the pros in this cast did, you don’t get to call yourself an actor. Last, but not least, I was also lucky enough to con Bernie Cardell into casting me in the Best Ensemble winning Avenue Q at Vintage Theater. What can I say about this cast? It’s the sleeper group of Denver Theater. An egoless group (myself notwithstanding), full of people you’d better keep your eyes on in the future. I’ll bet my hat that you won’t be glancing over Caroyln Lohr’s name in a program ever again.

Of the awards that I was up for but didn’t win, I can happily say I either knew I had no chance, or I’m glad the other guy won. Aside from Hairspray, fuck you talentless hacks. Avenue Q Fa Life! Seriously though, the talent in this town is wonderful and I’m happy to be apart of it.

On a totally different note, I watched a few movies this week (a thing I rarely do) and I wanted to simply comment on them. Grace Kelly in “High Society”: wow. She had comic chops she never really leaned on before this movie. I was terribly impressed. Also, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby had a brilliant song between the two of them that should be cannon amongst theater people. Next, The King’s Speech (yeah, I’m late, sue me) was a brilliant performance about a royal with a stutter. The dissonance irritates itself. Still, nice to see Helena do something that isn’t bat-shit. Lastly, the new Sherlock Holmes (Spoiler ahead) movie. I see why critics and a few purists have qualms. I get it, I really do. But, I still enjoyed the movie, while agreeing that it could have been so much more had it stuck to the subject matter it was pulling from. Still, it’s a Guy Richie, so what did you expect? That chase scene was worth the ticket. As a side note, you’re never allowed to kill Rachel McAdams. Ever.

To end all this, I got my beautiful wife a few trinkets she liked, and she me. More importantly, we spent a few glorious days together, absent interruption. It was sublime. We need to get independently wealthy STAT.

As for the new year, I suppose I see it the same way I’ve seen all the ones before. It’s like I have a chip on my shoulder regarding the future; I will not rest, I will not settle, I will not get comfortable, I will not be personable, I will not be polite and I will not be correct, I will not back down. I am myself, for better or worse: this next year as all those before. However, I’d like to lose five pounds.

So there you have it.

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