Told You So

Rick Santorum is out of the race making Mitt Romney the candidate.

Which I predicted June 14th 2011 after one of the Republican debates.

So all that anti-Romney candidate, brokered convention, delegate math blah, blah, blah? It was bullshit. If the news outlets don’t have a story, they have nothing to sell. A Republican nomination that is essentially over before it began doesn’t sell ads. Thus, stories must be made up, Chuck Todd has to speculate about a late entry candidate who sweeps in to unite the party, and the world must be forced to wonder if Sarah Palin will run (Obviously she didn’t, another thing I predicted at the time).

I’d like to add that all this pointless hype is about to happen all over again. As I predicted last June, Obama is going to win this next election. He already has the money, infrastructure, and overwhelming delegate margins from the last election with big-time-favorables against Romney. There is very little that can shake him now. So feel free to ignore the day to day blather.

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