Rapists in India

Apparently, gang rape is an up and coming thing in India. A 39 year old Swedish woman in the latest case. Before there was a woman gang raped by a bus driver and his murderable friends who raped her when the driver took her to a different destination than the one she was intending to go to. All this was precluded by a woman who was gang raped on a bus, which caused moral people to protest in defense of women’s rights, to you know, not be gang raped on a fucking bus. However, as the other two examples show, for some reason certain groups of roving inhuman Indian men seem to not see the connection of gang rape to being a worthy subject of reprisal murder.

Granted, I can’t, and wouldn’t, kill them myself as I believe in the rule of law. But I can say that I don’t find them worthy of life. So while I won’t endorse actions against them as those they perform, I can say that I have no feeling of human solidarity towards them. I do eagerly hope for their deaths. But as a secular atheist, that’s about all I can say. The world will be quantitatively better when they are dead, but I don’t want to live in a world where reprisal murder is ok. So I just have to hope they trip and fall on a spike, or better yet, are imprisioned for life.

So lets find these monstrosities shall we? And let’s lock them up for life. And let’s inform those who engage in such acts that they too will be caged until they die if they violate another human being in such a way.

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