Religions; when in power, or search of it.

Just in case you’ve been asleep the last few months, organized religion has been on a tear. All should oppose it.

Not in order: War in Syria/Iraq, War in Gaza, The Hobby Lobby ruling, dead Catholic Irish Children, molested Catholic children in general, Kidnapped girls in Nigeria, opposition to Contraception in America, Abortion in America and the Right to Die in America. Etcetera,  etcetera, etcetera, yes?

The common thread between all these cases is the belief in Abrahamic religion. And not just the belief, but the belief that what their holy books say are true. I have to make this ridiculous disclaimer because there are some theologians who almost completely dismiss the holy books, on which the religion was founded and wouldn’t have been an organized religion without them. Comically, they purport that “god” might be a “ground of all being” making the distinction between any religion moot. Ironically, as stupid as this idea is if you’ve read any of the holy books in question, it’s preferable to what religions do when they believe. Sadly, actual adherents of these faiths, do believe in them. Like one might be expected to do. So, that throat clearing aside, here’s why all of this is wrong.

1) All holy books not only internally contradict themselves in many cases, they contradict eachother. For example, In Judaism, Jesus doesn’t exist, in Christianity, he’s both god and man, and in the Koran he’s only a prophet. These are not compatible beliefs, and they are pivotal to each faith in question.

2) Personal revelation is silly. S-I-L-L-Y. Every personal revelation being accountable to… nothing. No one is inside anothers head. Even if an individual has truly heard from god, that individual must produce evidence for their claims, as none of us had the same revelation, and none of us are in their heads to confirm it.

3) Miracles. Every religion claims them. All of them. ALL OF THEM. Until one regrows the arm of an amputee, I call bullshit on them all. “Oh, All Powerful Creator of the UNIVERSE? Regrow this limb.” Will. Not. Happen.

And so here we are. A war in the “Holy Land” will rage endlessly, as “god” promised both sides the land in their respective holy books. (Solve that.) Women are chattel in the old testament and in the Koran. So, acid in their faces for having the gall to get an education, or the kidnapping of infidel girls, is perfectly natural, and because of the scriptures, hard to condemn.

But the U.S.? We’re the shining light on the hill right?

Absolutely! Aside from our religiously backed opposition to stem cell research, abortion, contraception, homosexuality… None of these prohibitions have any secular basis and for that reason we shouldn’t even entertain them. But, Religion.

If every human realized religion is false, not all problems would cease. But every problem I’ve stated would either disappear or become much more easily solvable.

Under what banner would Boko Haram unite to oppose the education of girls?

With what unifying text would we demonize sex?

By what authority would we claim that “life” begins at conception?

With what reason would we override the wish of a senior citizen to die?

By what pretext could we terrorize children with eternal hell?

You may say that you could come up with one. But that says quite a bit more about you, doesn’t it?


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