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Lazy Holiday Thinking: Part 2

Previously I delved into my disdain over sloppy thinking regarding a classic holiday song. This time I’d like to focus on the idea of Holidays and them being happy. Advertisements

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Lazy Holiday Thinking: Part 1.

Every holiday season we’re exposed to the same cheap and easy articles written by this years group of young hacks who need a holiday article to fulfill their quota. In recent years a trend has surfaced which young left leaning … Continue reading

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The Troxicon in Principle and Practice.

I am in a very lucky group of people who can say that they count Patricia Troxel as not simply an influence, but a teacher, comrade, and mentor. She was our treasure trove of knowledge, our “Troxicon” as we often … Continue reading

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Still reeling from the Boston bombing, still unsure of the outcome of the gun control bill, still unsure of Syria and how/if we should aid the rebels (and which rebels to aid), I’m still unsure about, well, many things. One … Continue reading

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Clarity, and what we know so far.

The bombing today in Boston has rightfully shook many Americans. Being human as we are, when we get shook we often shut down our critical thinking and rely more heavily on our emotions and instincts. So it is no surprise … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Gives Bad Oral.

With an executive branch paralyzed by a gridlocked congress, the last branch of our government that can possibly do any good is the judicial. Of that branch the highest and most prestigious is the Supreme Court of the United States … Continue reading

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Rapists in India

Apparently, gang rape is an up and coming thing in India. A 39 year old Swedish woman in the latest case. Before there was a woman gang raped by a bus driver and his murderable friends who raped her when … Continue reading

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