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The Troxicon in Principle and Practice.

I am in a very lucky group of people who can say that they count Patricia Troxel as not simply an influence, but a teacher, comrade, and mentor. She was our treasure trove of knowledge, our “Troxicon” as we often … Continue reading

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Theater Filter 2: Respect for Acting: Concept.

Next we get into Uta’s first chapter: Concept. Sadly, it’s still following in the Stanislavski method of: I saw this girl do this thing one time.

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It’s just a play

Or if it is, then it’s just cancer. It’s just anthropology. It’s just flight traffic controlling. It’s just farming. It’s just some thing. No need to take it serious. No need to realize that it may be ones life or life’s work. Nope, it’s just another trivial thing among every other trivial thing that we do as humans. Continue reading

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Poverty of the eyes

While wanting certain amenities, I do not begrudge lacking them. Continue reading

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Best to begin at the beginning.

My dear reader, welcome. Before we embark on this journey together, I wish to ask you one question: What is the good life? This question is the very heart of what I write and why I write. Being a theater … Continue reading

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