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Theater Filter 2: Respect for Acting: Concept.

Next we get into Uta’s first chapter: Concept. Sadly, it’s still following in the Stanislavski method of: I saw this girl do this thing one time. Advertisements

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Cigarettes, government and you.

The FDA has recently informed cigarette manufacturers that they must affix large, graphic warnings to their tobacco products by October 2012. Here’s an example of some of the photos that will be attached to those cigarette boxes.

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Does that sound pretentious?

Let me get this out in open, I’m an elitist. But, not because I want to be mind you! But, because many things I like have been given some silly stigma as “snooty” or “pretentious” and so I’m slurred into … Continue reading

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On my rights as a blogger.

I should get this out of the way. I intend with this blog to speak on topics that are contentious in todays society. So, I suppose I’d better remind all current and any future readers just what I’m allowed to … Continue reading

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What a gentleman is not.

I find it often times easier to begin defining a difficult idea by clearing up what it is not. So in that tradition, I’d like to begin by speaking on what a gentleman is not.

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Theater Filter. Uta Hagen’s “Respect for Acting” Intro

Theater is filled with books on “how to act”. However, many of these books are full of nothing but convoluted word salad and biased personal prejudice posing as insight (I’m looking at you David Mamet). I’m going to, over time, … Continue reading

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“We are professional human beings”

This is the transcript of a speech given a short while before my graduation from Conservatory by my then musical theater teacher, and now Artistic Director of the Atlanta Gay Men’s Choir, Kevin Robison. I just unpacked it recently and … Continue reading

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